3 1/2 days fishing trip adventure


This past April 13, the #NoTunaNoChinga boat led by Captain Danny Osuna undertook its journey with 6 national fishermen to the popular sites and points recognized by fishing professionals in the Mexican Pacific. On this occasion the activity was present from day 1, landing a copy of #yellowfintuna of more than 150 lbs and many more of different species such as #yellowtail snapper, the famous #red snapper and of course the #groupers could not miss. The weather conditions were excellent and allowed the use of unconventional fishing techniques and arrangements, we are talking about the increasingly effective #flyingfish. Whose challenge for the crew was to keep them in good condition since, due to the clarity of the water and the pleasant conditions in which they sailed, it represented the arrival of huge and voracious spots of #triggerfish that, despite being delicious, turn out to be annoying for many. fishermen because they kill the bait easily. On day 2 with high spirits, the crew was in charge of landing 2 beautiful pieces of #yft of more than 100 kgs each. Both resulting in the fisherman’s personal best, one of them just 14 years old. Again there was background action and perfect weather, so much so that the 3rd day was devoted to exploring the #IslasIsabel and the journey took course towards a contemplative look at the national natural beauty that abounds in the beautiful #Mexican #Pacific. With all the security measures, a brief tour was given to the beaches that are home to thousands of birds and that is recognized by the #un as a sanctuary for them.


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