Multiday Tuna Trips

Offering 1.5 up to 5.5 days fishing


Hot barbecue grill food, as well as a refreshing light breakfast, espresso and tea. As always, they include beer, water and soft drinks, other snacks during the entire trip also include all baits, tackle, use of rods, cleaning and packing of fish.

4 Crew


1 Stateroom

1 Full Bathroom

Equipped with:

Bunk beds, air conditioning, a bathroom with shower, kitchen, dining table and a new large freezer. New electronicUSD equipment to be successful in the search for fish. Large lights of 6 atmospheres around, enough space for additional fishing equipment, bring your own equipment is more than welcome.

Note: In the case of stopping a fishing rod or dropping it into the sea, there will be an extra charge.

Enjoy a few days of fishing in the Pacific Ocean in No Tuna No Chinga

Start from

$ 1675

USD per angler

All tours include:

For more information contact us or Book on-line your trip

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